111+ Best Taunting Status for whatsapp with images

Hello there are you looking for a Taunting status in for Whatsapp and Facebook? Then You are in the right place. In this article I am going to share with you 80+ Best Taunting status for WhatsApp with images.

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Taunting Status

1) My girlfriend has enough jewelry to open her own store.


2) If you are here —who is running hell?

3) I don’t know who is messier, the dog or my boyfriend.

4) Train your mind to see good in everything.

5) Today is national animal day. Please take a moment to remember your ex-boyfriend.


6) I love my girl, but sometimes I wonder what she’s thinking.

7) How does my boyfriend not notice when he pees on the seat?

8) A real boyfriend never gives up on his girl. He fights for her.

9) Anyone want to rent my boyfriend for a week so I don’t kill him for being annoying?

10) Why Don’t You Slip Into Something More Comfortable. Like A Coma?


11) I can’t believe my boyfriend leaves his socks everywhere and never picks them up!

12) My boyfriend is so hairy that I have to vacuum the bed after he stays over.

13) No, I am not single. I am in a long-distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the FUTURE.

14) I can already smell all the roses I’m not going to receive on Valentine’s Day.

15) I don’t understand why girls need so much make-up—isn’t one enough?


16) My boyfriend spent his entire paycheck on beer and video games—I can’t believe it!

17) Fake is the latest style, and a lot of people seem to be wearing it…

18) Trust is like a paper, once it’s crumpled it can’t be perfect again.

19) Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.

20) Stupidity is not a crime so you are free to go.


21) I don’t exactly hate you, but if you were on fire and I had water, I’d drink it.

22) How are guys supposed to know which kind of tampon to buy their girlfriend?

23) If you are shameless, you would do as you wish.

24) Why are boyfriends so gross?

25) Does anyone have a problem getting their boyfriend to do the dishes?

26) Hearing a part of a song and thinking…that’s definitely going to be my next status!’

27) Dear Boys, Being a dick isn’t going to make yours bigger. Just saying.

28) No, I am not single. I am in a long-distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the FUTURE.

29) Thank God someone threw me away, so you could pick me up and love me.

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Taunting Status For Ex Boyfriend

30) People like you, are the reason we have middle fingers.


31) You’re not my best friend if I don’t kick on your butt on sleepovers.

32) I hate when my boyfriend doesn’t shave and then wants to kiss me—itchy!

33) A strong man can handle a strong woman. A weak man will say she has an attitude.

34) You said that I’m bad and I dream of showing you my worst.

35) Boys always smell so bad!


38) Nothing drives me crazier than when my boyfriend drinks directly from the orange juice container.

36) Some people just need a high five. In the face. With a chair.

37) Men or shoes? I choose shoes. They last longer.

39) A bad relationship will make you hurt that entire zodiac sign.

40) Life took an awesome turn when you left with your fucking shit.


41) I left because you never ask me to stay.

42) Never feel bad about she left you. Smile that she is with an asshole now.

43) Leaving you wasn’t a mistake but loving you was



Taunting Status For Whatsapp

44) Some people’s smile is just as fake as their personality.

45) God must love stupid people, He made so many of them.

46) Are boys not grossed out by anything?

47) It’s like boyfriends need directions handed to them on how to replace the toilet paper roll.

48) Does anyone else’s boyfriend fart on them too?

49) OH NICE, so you can update your status via mobile, but you cant text me back?

50) It’s better to be lonely then to be played by the wrong people.


51) Hard to trust people these days, it’s like fake is the new trend.

52) Many a man in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl.

53) Actually no, my status wasn’t aimed at you, but hey, if the shoe fits, feel free to wear it.

54) A real boyfriend never gives up on his girl. He fights for her.

55) Girls must never sleep because every time I wake up, my girl is cleaning.

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56) Nothing is worse than using the bathroom after my boyfriend—disgusting.

57) Liking your own status, is like high-fiving yourself in public…

58) Are you free tomorrow? No, I’m f**king expensive.

59) Real people are never fake, and fake people are never real.

Whatsapp Taunt Status For Girlfriend

60) My girlfriend owns so many shoes, she doesn’t have enough places to put them.


61) My girlfriend spends all day at the gym just to eat Ben and Jerrys at home.

62) Why does everyone’s girlfriend love One Direction so much?

63) Before I had a girlfriend, I never went to brunch on Sundays.

64) My girlfriend always sings in the shower—it’s hilarious.

65) I’ve never seen my girl madder then when I hid her favorite lipstick.

66) I’ll try being nicer, if you try being smarter.

67) You’re so ugly, when you were born, the doctor said “Wheres the baby?

68) A fake boyfriend puts a lock on his phone, but a real boyfriend would say hey baby, can u read that text for me.

69) What’s the point of putting on makeup, a monkey is gonna stay a monkey.

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Whatsapp Taunting Messages

70) I don’t know who is messier, the dog or my boyfriend.


71) My boyfriend always runs the AC every night and leaves me freezing!

72) I don’t think I’ve ever smelled feet worse than my boyfriend’s feet.

73) At what point in their lives are boys taught to drink from milk cartons?

74) When your mom dropped you off at the school, she got a ticket for littering.

75) Does it take an advanced degree for a boy to put the toilet seat down?

Taunting Status for Boyfriend

76) Has anyone else witnessed their boyfriends cutting their nails in bed?

77) I have the grossest boyfriend in the world—I just watched him pick his nose!

78) Nothing is worse than using the bathroom after my boyfriend—disgusting.

79) I dread days when it rains because I know my boyfriend will get mud everywhere.

80) A true heiress is never mean to anyone – except a girl who steals your boyfriend.


Taunting status for whatsapp in Hindi

81) I just laughed for fifteen minutes straight because my boyfriend fell off the bed!

82) Why do boyfriends think I want a hug as soon as he gets back from the gym?

Taunting Status for Relatives

83) “Go on, prove me wrong. Destroy the fabric of the universe. See if I care.”
― Terry Pratchett

84) “Then you can blame it on your parents,’ I said, smiling. ‘Won’t that be a relief?”
― Richard Bachman, 

85) “Right now I’ve got just two rules to live by.

Rule one: don’t taunt elephants.
Rule two: don’t stand next to anybody who taunts elephants.

-Sergeant Schlock”
― Howard Tayler, 

86) “It was a quiet taunt…a poisoned glass of wine, meant to intoxicate and exsanguinate.”
― Renee Ahdieh, 

87) “Don’t look shy if you wear rag and people gag, many are in the grave wearing skeleton, and you should even be happier for wearing a skin without clothes.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

88) “Is that all you’ve got? A few tricks and quick feet? That’s no way to enforce your bold tongue!”
― T. A. Miles,

89) “Some people are slow to do what they promise; you are slow to promise what you have already done.”
― Suetonius, 

90) “Corporate rule number 7; survival of the fittest spoon. Those who follow reach nowhere.”
― Vikrmn,

91) “I often wonder, in a catfight, when one doesn’t want to fight, if the other cat calls it a pussy.”
― Anthony Liccione

92) “I was just making lei out of these papers. Majority of them was trash, so I guess they need to join a blood relative.”
― Shyrill Silversong, 

93) “Tampering with fire will burn you, even in the coldest regions.”
― H.S. Crow

94) “Why is it, I wonder, that Sigmar felt compelled to burden you with such poor imaginations? Very well. Judicate me, if you can.”
― David Guymer, 

95) “Nothing like watching your relatives fight, I always say.”
― Rick Riordan, 

96) “An aphorism is the insight of a moment, not a lifetime.”
― Marty Rubin

97) “Those people who are supposed to be the closest to you are not always that close.”
― Noha Alaa El-Din, 

98) “Relatives are most likely the people who are going to hurt ya.”
― Deyth Banger,

99) “Do not refuse to help your own relatives.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

100) “Through age and time, we have learned how to build relations with friends, but we have lost friendship with relatives.”
― Keval Domadia, 

101) “Listening to the advice of parents, relatives and friends can distract your mind from choosing the right career for your life”
― Wahid Bhat

102) “Relatives exist so that we can appreciate our friends more.”
― Nitya Prakash

103) “Family are those we pick along the way.”
― Pablo Pereira

104) “Some people’s deaths would not have pained us had we not known that to them we were related.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

105) “Once a mother is born, she remains a mother forever.”
― Aditya Sarwankar, 

106) Much to his horror, he heard a female voice chirp behind him, “Hey!”

107) “The one who lives with neighbors and relatives will learn to live with the gain of pains and the pain of gains”
― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

108) “Sound body, serene mind, smiling face and sensible society is enough to live a satisfying social life.”
― Amit Kalantri,

109) “No one cares about distant relatives nowadays. They went out of fashion years ago.”
― Oscar Wilde, 

110) “Sometimes, the one you love isn’t the one for you and this doesn’t apply only in relationships, but also among relatives.”
― Efrat Cybulkiewicz

111) “Employing relatives changes power dynamics.”
― Enock Maregesi

112) “Be prepared to lose some relatives and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
― Steven Magee


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