50+ Best Love Quotes on Rain for a Romantic Time

Rain is the most romantic season, everyone loves rains especially for a couple so here I am presenting 50+ best love quotes on rain to share it with your loved ones on WhatsApp, Instagram, and FB

Romantic Love Quotes on Rain

1)  Let’s Kiss In The Rain: Where The Rain Was So Hard The Only Thing We Could See Was Each Other.



2) Without The Rain, We Would Never Feel Thankful For The Warmth Of The Sun.



3) First Love, Like The Rain, Is Ever Fresh.

4) Love Is Like Rain, You Can Feel It But Can’T Stop It.

5) Let The Rain Kiss You Let The Rain Beat Upon Your Head With Silver Liquid Drops. Let The Rain Sing You A Lullaby. – Langston Hughes

6) Love Is Like A Raindrop On A Leaf.



7) I Love The Rain As Much As I Love You I Love The Way It Always Speaks To Me, To My Soul And All.

8) In This First Rain I Want To Be In Your Arms Where You Hold Me Tight.



9) Rain Is Grace; Rain Is The Sky Condescending To The Earth; Without Rain, There Would Be No Life.” » John Updike

10) Everyone Wants Happiness. No One Wants Pain. But You Can’t Have A Rainbow, Without A Little Rain.

11) A Rainy Day Is The Perfect Time For A Walk In The Woods.

12) Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella On A Rainy Day. – Lawrence Welk

13) Let’S Get Lost In A World Made Of Books, Coffee And Rainy Days.

14) Clouds Come Floating Into My Life, No Longer To Carry Rain Or Usher Storm But To Add Color To My Sunset Sky. – Rabindranath Tagore

15) And I Don’t Care What Age You Are, Kissing In The Rain Is The Best.

16) Love Is Walking In The Rain Together.



17) Let Us Get Wet In The Rain And Get Drenched In Love

18) I’ll Love You Until The Rain Stops Crashing.

19) There’S No Better Sound To Hear Than The Ocean, The Wind, And The Rain All At Once, Late At Night.

20) Love The Smell Of Rain And Growing Things. –  Serina Hernandez

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Romantic Quotes On Rain For Instagram And Whatsapp

21) Without Rain Nothing Grows, Learn To Embrace The Storms Of Your Life.

22) She Loves Moonlight And Rainstorms And So Many Other Things That Have Soul. – Jmstrom

23) Anyone Who Says Sunshine Brings Happiness Has Never Danced In The Rain.



24) The Sound Of The Rain Needs No Translation. – Alan Watts

25) I’m Singing In The Rain, Just Singing In The Rain; What A Wonderful Feeling, I’m Happy Again. – Arthur Freed

26) Rain Falls Because The Clouds Can No Longer Handle The Weight. Tears Fall Because The Heart Can Not Longer Handle The Pain.

27) I Fell In Love With You The Way Rain Falls On The First Day Of Summer Recklessly And Unexpectedly. – F.E. Marie

28) When It Rains, Look For Rainbows; When It’S Dark, Look For Stars. – John Mark Green



29) May The Flowers Reminds Us Why The Rain Was Necessary. – Xan Oku

30) I Need You Like Rain But You Were Afraid To Fall. – Nichomachus

31) Nothing Is Better Than The Sound Of Heavy Rain While You’Re Falling Asleep.

32) She Loved The Rain, It Reminded Her That Even The Sky Needed To Cry Sometimes. – F.E.Marie

33) The Best Thing About The Rain Is That It Always Stops Eventually!



34) We Will Meet Again In That Place Which Is Called Destiny.

35) Rain – First It Hurts Then It Changes You!



36) Monsoons Are Not Just About Dew Drops, Wet Street And A Pleasant Gush Of Cool Breeze. They Are The Dusters To Our Years.

37) I Wonder How My Heart Feels When My Head Tells It It’S Not Good Enough. – Amorie

38) You Were My Calm After The Storm, Until… You Become The Strom Itself. – Aahana Mulla

39) Let Me Get Burnt And Rained Upon By Love. – Zishan

40) She Had That Smell Of Rain, Fragrant Dark Hypnotiser. If You Ask Me For Once, Dope I’D Call Her. – Zishan

41) Signs Of Rain In Hot Summer Is Like, Signs Of Little Hope, During Tough Times! – Rishi Kannan

42) Let’S Just Sit Quietly And Listen To The Secrets The Rain Wants To Tell Us.



43) Don’T Let Anyone Cover You In Shade, You Were Made For Sunlight.

44) I Love The Rain. I Love How It Softens The Outlines Of Things. The World Becomes Softly Blurred, And I Feel Like I Melt Right Into It. – Hanamoto Hagumi

45) Maybe I Love Endings So Much Because They’Re All I’ve Ever Known.



46) She Glides Away Like Smoke From A Cigarette. – Alex Dull

47) Sometimes I Watch The Raindrops On The Windows Just To See Which One “Wins”

48) The Raindrops Cleanse Your Soul.

49) When It Rains Look For Rainbow. When It’s Dark Look For Stars.

50) I Like People Who Smile When It’S Raining.


I hope U liked those above quotes on rain If you then feel free share it with your loved once and also comment down below if you any love quotes on rain to share with us.





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