101+ Best Attitude Status For Girls in English

Are you looking for some cool attitude status for girls in English? Then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to share the best attitude quotes for girls.

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Best Attitude Status For Girls in English

1) A Girls Should Be Two Things: Classy And Fabulous.


2) When Life Shuts A Door. Open It Again. It’S A Door That’S How They Work

3) Be A Girl With A Mind, A Woman With Attitude, And A Lady With Class.

4)Yes, I Know There Is A Real Special Place In Hell For Me.

5) He Said To Me ‘I Love You’ I Said, Oh! My God, What A Coincidence I Love Myself Too.

6) A Wise Girl Knows Her Limits, A Smart Girl Knows That She Has None.

7) Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Cute, Dude It’S My Attitude.

8) Born A Princess, Now Living Like A Queen.


9) Confidence Is Not “They Will Like Me”. Confidence Is “I’ll Be Fine If They Don’T”.

10) Once A Queen, Always A Queen.

11) It’S Okay If You Don’T Like Me. Not Everyone Has Good Taste.


12) My Secret Talent Is Getting Tired Without Doing Anything.

13) Fries Before Guys.

14) Choose Me Or Lose Me. I Am Not A Backup Plan, And Definitely Not A Second Choice.

15) Coffee, Sarcasm, And Lipstick, Are All I Need.

16) I’m The Way I’m And I Will Always Be.

17) Attitude Comes From My Blood.

18) I Am A Butterfly In The Form Of A Girl. Pretty To Admire But Difficult To Catch.

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19) My Motto Is Simple I Will Not Lose.

20) I’m The Girl With Dreams On My Way Of Becoming A Woman With A Vision.

21) I Agree With The Dictionary, Girls Before Guys.

22) I’m Odd But Also Number One.

23) Be A Good Person But Don’T Waste Time To Prove It.

24) Sweet As Sugar. Cold As Ice. Hurt Me Once, I’ll Break You Twice.

25) Don’T Disturb Me While I Am Busy Ignoring You.


26) I Know I’m Crazy. Don’T Ruin My Moment.

27) Being Glamorous Is Not A Crime.

28) Don’T Compare Me To Other Girls. There’S No Competition. I’m One Of A Kind.

29) On A Journey Of Self-Discovery.

30) The World Is Beautiful But Has A Disease Called Man.

31) Love Is Easy But The Queen Is Busy.



32) A Girl Doesn’t Need Anyone Who Doesn’t Need Her.

33) I’M A Queen Who Doesn’t Require A King.

34) Changing My Relationship Status From ‘Single’ To ‘Still Single’.

35) A Queen Knows How To Build Her Empire With The Same Stones That Were Thrown At Her.

Attitude Status in English For Girls

36) I May Not Be The Best, But I Know That I Am Not Like The Rest.

37) I Can Kill With Kindness And Bury With A Smile.

38) Make Your Resume Represent The Badass You Are It Will Get You Noticed Girls Attitude.

39) It’S A Good Thing I Was Born A Girl, Otherwise, I’d Be A Drag Queen.

40) The Strongest Actions For A Woman Is To Love Herself, Be Herself…

41) Underestimate Me; That Would Be Fun.

42) I’m Not Short, I Am Just Concentrated Awesome.


43) I Love The Confidence That Makeup Gives Me

44) Calling Me Different Was The Best Compliment Ever.

45) Sorry For The Late Replies Unseen Messages, Cancelling Plans Cause I’m Busy In Upgrading My Grades, Achieving My Goals And Changing My Life.

46) Call Me Smart Before You Call Me Hottie. – Lilly Singh

47) I’m Not A Virgin, My Life Fucks Me Each And Every Single Day.

48) If People Always Have Problem With You, Then Ask Them About Their Problems.

49) Girls Who Don’T Ask For Much, Deserve It All.

50) I Am Not Scared Of The Darkness. How Would The Stars Shine Otherwise?

51) If Someone Hates You Without Any Reason Then Please Give Them A Reason To Hate You.


52) I Never Show Attitude To Anyone, It’s Just My Personality That Everyone Cannot Handle.

53) Listen To Your Heart Above All Other Voices.

54) Make A Wish When You See Me. I’m A Star!

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Attitude Status For Girls For Instagram And Whatsapp

55) People Tell Me That I Have A Very Dirty Mind But I Say I’M Super Creative.

56) Be Picky With Selfies And Pickier With Men.

57) It’S The Heart Of Gold And Stardust That Make A Girl Beautiful.

58) You Can Never Hurt Me With A Truth, But You Can Break Me With A Lie.

59) Only Make Decisions That Support Your Self-Image, Self-Esteem, And Self-Worth.

60) Good Girls Are The Ones Who Help Other People, Bad Girls Never Have Time To Help Anyone.

61) I Have Both The Angel & The Demon Inside Me. Who Do You Ask For?

62) Wifi And A Dream Are All I Need To Conquer This World.

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63) My Words Are More Like A Chinese Phone, They Have No Guarantee.

64) I Told You, You Should Not Play With Fire Unless You Really Want To Burn.

65) No Boy Is Worth Your Tears, And The One Who Is Will Never Make You Cry.

66) I Like Going The Extra Mile, As It Is Less Crowded There.

67) I’m Tough, Ambitious, And Know Exactly What I Want. If That Makes Me A Bitch, Okay.

68) Sometimes You Gotta Be A Beauty And A Beast.

69) Keep Your Nose Out Of My Life.

70) This Queen Doesn’t Need A King.


71) Who Cares! I Am Awesome.

72) What She Tackles She Conquers.

73)  I Never Need To Explain My Self Because I Know That I’M Always Right.

74) Gutsy To Take Enough Chances And Prove My Worth.

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Best Attitude Status For Girls

75)  Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere.

76) Doing What You Love Is Freedom. Loving What You Do Is Happiness.

77) Break Me Again To See What I Am Made Of.

78) You Treated Me Like An Option, So I Left You Like A Choice.

79) Treat Me Like A Joke And I’ll Leave You Like Its Funny.

80) I May Not Be Perfect But I’M Always Me.

81)  I Don’t Have The Time To Change Your Opinion About Me As It Just Doesn’t Matter To Me.


82) It’S Like Chess, You Know. The Queen Saves the King.

83) May My Enemies Have A Long Life Enough To See My Success.

84) Awesome Ends With Me And Ugly Starts With You.

85) My Scars Are What Make Me Beautiful.

86) Not Fragile Like A Flower, Am As Fragile As a Bomb.

87) Before You Judge Me Make Sure That You’Re Perfect.

88) I Will Sail My Life’S Boat And Not Let The Winds Change Its Direction.

89) If You Think That You Can Play With My Emotions, Mind It: Playing With My Emotion Is Like Playing With Fire.

90) You will Find A Girl Prettier Than Me, Smarter Than Me, And Funnier Than Me, But You Will Never Find A Girl Just Like Me.


91) Slay Them With Sweetness.

92) Girls Don’T Owe Anything To Anyone.

93) If A Girl Looks Swell When She Meets You, Who Gives A Damn If She’S Late?.

94) Stop Asking For Faithful Girls, When You Are Too Busy Chasing Hoes.

95) I Love Being A Girl Because I’m My Daddy’S Little Girl And That Rocks!

96) Respect Should Be Made Common Sense.

97) Be Like A Diamond Precious And Rare. Not Like A Stone Found Everywhere.

98) It Took Me A Long Time Not To Judge Myself Through Someone Else’S Eyes.

99) Girls, There Are Poets Who Learn From You To Say, What You, In Your Aloneness.

100) Love My Fantasy Land; Keep Your Reality Out Of It.

101) Better To Be The One Who Smiled Than The One Didn’t Smile Back.

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